Sunday, November 9, 2008

Going Private

After some discussion I think we are going to go private. If you would like to view our blog please leave your address and I will put you on our list. Thanks

Colts Game

Rob and Travis went on a quick boys trip to Indianapolis to get some of Robs' things. They had a great trip and were able to get together with some of Rob and Tracie's friends. They went to some of our favorite restaurants including: Maggianos, Teds Montana Grill and Ocean World. They also went to the Colts/Patriots game. They were both excited because they were able to go tour the new Lucas Oil Stadium. Rob was able to get them passes to sit in a box and go down on the field, and into the locker room before the game. Travis said it was quite a rush to be down on the field when the players ran out and to see all of the fans cheering. They also got to be in the locker room while the players were getting ready for the game and watched their pre-game rituals. Here are a couple pictures of Travis before the game.

Friday, October 17, 2008

You Might Be a Redneck

I want you to know that I love my husband very much and appreciate all he does for our family. That being said I don't understand how Travis is willing to wake up at 5:30 a.m. on his day off to go duck hunting. Although he and Rob assure me that it is very fun. Even though once you get there you are walking through the nasty mud on the shores of Utah Lake. Which is why they spent all that money at Cabelas getting the gear (waders, boots, etc.) necessary for such an adventure. Not to mention all of the decoys, duck callers and of course guns and ammunition. Then you stand in the mud waiting for the ducks to land and I guess that's when the fun begins. Well this hunting trip they were quite successful. They shot four ducks and were very proud. Here are some pictures of the proud hunters. After these pictures were taken they proceeded to pluck the feathers off the ducks and cut them open to take out the meat. Needless to say I was completely disgusted and stayed as far away as possible.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthdays and Weddings

We have had a very busy couple of weeks. It started out and ended with birthdays and a wedding in between.

My Grandma Hendrix celebrated her birthday on September 26th. Ben, Claire and I took lunch to her that day and spent a couple hours with her. Ben loves Grandma Hendrix and never stopped talking the entire time we were there. Grandma Hendrix doesn't care because she knows that it comes from her gene pool and she appreciates a boy that can talk.

Next we had the wedding. My cousin David got married and we are so happy for him. It is really nice to see all of our family especially Grandma Carlin. We love Grandma Carlin and love when she comes to visit us.

Here is Grandma Carlin holding Claire. Claire wasn't sure what she thought about Grandma. But I thought this was a great picture of Grandma Carlin.

This picture makes me a little sad. These are my moms three sisters with my grandma. It is good to see them all together. But also a sad reminder that my mom is no longer with us.

Claire and I after the wedding.

Megan, Grandma, Claire and I outside the Temple waiting for the happy couple.

We tried to get some family pictures taken while we were all dressed up. It took Travis 10 minutes before this to convince Ben to put his tie back on for the picture.

I love this picture of Ben because it says it all. He was tired and ready to go home.

Next the Birthday party. It was our niece and nephews birthday. Travis' brother Jason and his wife Casey always have fun parties for their kids who were born two days apart. We went to Chuckee Cheese for the blessed event. I dare say the dads had just as much or more fun as the kids.

Rob and Travis playing a racing game. In the Morris Family every game is a competition.

Ben loved playing ski ball and would throw the ball up the ramp time and time again without making it in the hole. I never realized how long it could take to play one game of ski ball until playing with a two year old. I have to say by the end of the day Ben was getting the hang of it and was doing pretty well.

Here's Travis playing the famous basketball game. He and his brothers had a competition. I'm pretty sure Rob won with 40 points and Travis came in second with 36. Maybe next time honey!

Even baby Claire joined in on the fun as Ben was nice enough to let her ride with him.

Ben and Brinckley his cousin who was having the birthday party riding with Chuck. They are a month s apart and are very cute together. Happy Birthday JD and Brinckley. Thanks for the fun day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching Up

Claire is 6 months old and is so fun. She is such a good baby and is very easy going. She reminds me a lot of her father. She is starting to do so many new things right now like eating solid foods, sitting up and becoming quite the wiggler.

This is Claire with Audrey who is my friend Annie's baby. Claire is two months older than Audrey. But look at all that hair on Audrey she was so cute.

Travis thought Claire would be a cute package.

This is Claire eating her rice cereal. Her face basically sums it up as she is not thrilled with her dinner.

Claire has been trying to sit up by her self for a while but Saturday morning she finally could do it. She is not 100 percent stable but she is getting better every day.

Ben will be 3 in two months and he is getting so big. He is basically potty trained and we are so excited. Next week he will start his Itty Bitty Football class and a Dinosaur Class at the Library. Ben tells us that at his football class he will tackle, run and push them down. We are not sure what exactly he is talking about but we are excited to watch him in action. We will keep you posted with pictures.

Ben dressed up in Aunt Megan's old dance costume. Some day he will really hate us for dressing him up but we all had a good laugh. He and my dad were doing Olympics in the back yard.

Ben also loves cowboys because of Grandpa Ken. He spends a lot of time riding his stick horse around the house. Every time he starts I have to announce him by saying in my best western voice, "Ladies and gentleman we have a cowboy here from American Fork Utah Benjamin Travis Morris riding his horse bullseye." Then he yells outside and rides around the house and once he's back to the original starting place we have to start the announcing all over again.

My good friends Annie and Bryan were here visiting family and we were so excited to see them. Julia is a month older than Ben and they had a great time playing. They ran around while Julia was playing the guitar and Ben was singing 'My Name is Jonas.' ( Thank you guitar hero) They were so cute together and it was fun to have them visit for awhile. I can't wait until they live closer someday.

This is Ben with Travis before the BYU-UCLA game. Ben was so sad because he was not invited to go to the game. It was very sad. He is a big BYU fan and was quite devastated when his dad left without him. BUT................................

The next week Rob and Travis decided to take Ben and Carter to the game with them. Ben was so excited the entire week it's all he could talk about. He would tell everyone that his dad had a ticket for him to go to the BYU game. Travis said he was so cute at the game he especially loved the cougar fight song. At one point during the game every one had been cheering and then sat down. Ben stood up and yelled at the top of his lungs, "get him, tackle him, push him down." Travis said everyone turned to look at this 2 year old cheering his little heart out and just started laughing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Fun

Ben's favorite new thing is to go with Grandpa and ride Burt the Mule. My dad loves taking Ben to ride Burt and is very cute with him. He taught Ben that Burt is a relative to Donkey. The only Donkey Ben can relate to is on Shrek so when you ask Ben about Burt he says proudly, "Burt the mule who is related to Donkey on Shrek." It's very cute. He doesn't just call him Burt it is always Burt the Mule. Ben regularly asks me if he can go to Spanish Fork and ride Burt the Mule. Usually my dad and Ben just go, but a couple Saturdays ago the whole family went along for the ride.

We went to Afton Wyoming home of Rulon Gardner (Gold Medal Wrestler). I only mention this because there are not many restaurants in Afton but we did enjoy going to Rulons Burger Barn. It was actually really good. Travis' Dad and brother live there and we wanted to go and visit. Travis and Ben went with Pa Don and JD to the local Rodeo. Travis and Jason got to float down the Grays River and catch some big fish. Ben played with his cousins JD and Brinckley and I hung out with my sister-in-law Casey. We had a really good time. It was nice to spend time with Travis' Dad. Here are some pictures of Ben, Travis and Don fishing at a stock pond. Travis really wanted Ben to catch a fish but Ben was not to thrilled with being close to the fish. The first picture is Ben running away when Travis caught a fish. Ben's favorite thing to do was throw fish food into the pond and see all the fish splash around. Every time the fish would start jumping Ben would say, "Oh my gosh." Travis says he spends way to much time with his mother.

We traveled to Rexburg for a very short visit with Megan and Chad. Even though we were there for two days we were able to get in a lot of fun. Travis and Chad went golfing and fishing, we met Chad's family for a lovely dinner and even had time to get in some bowling. Ben was so cute while we were bowling, he loved it. We were teasing Megan because Ben was using a 7 pound ball while Megan used a whopping 8 pound ball. In Megan's defense she ended up beating everyone, much to Travis' dismay. He had a cut on his bowling hand and was not able to perform to the best of his ability. Megan was thrilled nonetheless and had to inform everyone that she talked to! We love Megan and Chad and always have a great time with them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grandma Barb's Birthday

It was my moms birthday on July 31st. To remember my moms birthday we went to Spanish Fork and had dinner with my dad. We then took flowers to my moms grave. Katie sent the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers and my Grandma Carlin and I bought some flowers also. Ben is really into birthdays these days, so when we told him it was Grandma Barb's birthday he kept singing, "Happy Birthday to Grandma Barb." It was very sweet, he also wondered where the cake was.

These reminders of my mom are sometimes sad, but we all try to reflect on the good things about our mother. She was the most wonderful person I have every met. She was the most compassionate, thoughtful, and generous person. She was also very gracious and was the perfect host. People flocked to her because she had such a wonderful spirit about her. I am thankful for the example she was to me and try each day to try and be the kind of person she would want me to be.